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8 tech startup trends to watch in 2017

Artificial intelligence startups will be big next year, along with startups in cybersecurity, chatbots, VR and legalized recreational marijuana, according to experts.

Why ecommerce hasn't taken off on social media

Social media has so far failed to live up to its promise as an online one-stop-shop for consumers and retailers. The biggest platforms haven't given up, but some critics say it may be too late.

Retailers get an IoT wake-up call

The recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that infected internet of things devices should serve as a warning to retailers that are investing heavily in IoT tech this holiday season and beyond.



More than half of APAC companies to undergo vast digital transformation by 2018

Most would either invest in new technologies or increase their data and analytics capabilities.


Will AWS+1 become the default cloud strategy of 2017?

A blended cloud strategy ensures CIOs are not locked into a single vendor or location, according to a report


HP shutting down default FTP, Telnet access to network printers

The time's up for the few who still use FTP and Telnet to access network printers


AWS wants to dominate beyond the public cloud with Lambda updates

Lambda changes reach beyond AWS' core data centers into the IoT


Public safety gets a boost with AI

AI won’t completely replace humans but will support human’s decision-making, says Katsumi Emura, Executive Vice President and CTO of NEC Corporation.


To empower a startup journey, innovation has to be redefined

According to Sidney Yee, Executive Vice President of A*START Central, the people involved now need to understand what innovation is about, and how to build innovation into the whole startup ecosystem.


Putting security risks on simmer with Chef

A bit of automation can ease the PCI compliance burden


Security pros most worried about clouds, mobile

Confidence levels dropped from 76 percent last year to 70 percent


Researchers find a way bypass the iOS activation lock

The researchers crashed the lock screen by inserting long strings in the Wi-Fi configuration settings


Chrome bug triggered errors on websites using Symantec SSL certificates

The bug affected Chrome on all platforms, as well as the WebView component on Android


Is security the secret key to Malaysia's 'Year of the Digital Economy' 2017?

National government agencies MDEC, CyberSecurity Malaysia join a gathering of researchers in Kuala Lumpur to discuss how security can act as an economic enabler for 2017.


Sling TV reveals much-needed cloud DVR feature as live TV streaming competition heats up

Just in time for DirecTV Now's launch.



The major technologies driving the disruption of business in 2017

One thing that will not change, and is only likely to accelerate in the next 12 months, is the massive amount of disruption taking place across businesses everywhere as a result of technological innovations.

Doing the same old things won’t make it agile

Despite the fact that we have seen many advancements and technological breakthroughs around us in this digital age, organisations seem to continue living in the past with outdated workflows that ultimately sap worker productivity.