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China's state-run TV calls the iPhone a national security threat; Apple disagrees

iOS 7's Frequent Locations feature will keep track of places you visit frequently and when you visit them, and provide you with useful information based on that data. For example, if your iPhone sees you commuting from your home to your workplace on a daily basis, it might tell you how long today's commute will take based on traffic conditions, for example.

What the robot apocalypse will mean for IT, jobs and work

Robots are coming, and they will eventually take many of our jobs. Before you break out the torches and pitchforks, though, think about how your skills (and, for that matter, your children's skills) can be applied to work that machines will never be able to do.

MH 370, Aviation and Rogue Elements

In this interview, Ranganathan Jagannathan (Ranga), Vice President and Head of Aviation IT of Ramco Systems, explains one of the key issues in airline safety, “rogue components", among other things





Yosemite hands-on: Mail, Messages, and Calendar

Our hands on series with the first developer preview of OS X Yosemite concludes with a look at three core apps that have seen changes and improvements.


How virtualisation is lifting us to the cloud

Server virtualisation has been a huge win for the data center. Nimboxx CTO David Cauthron explains how the next phase will deliver dramatic benefits in the cloud


Atlassian unveils 'Godzilla' for the datacentre

Australian enterprise software firm, Atlassian, has a new offering that provides high availability and performance at scale for teams building mission-critical software.


Shipping companies' computers compromised by malware-infected Chinese scanners

The malicious app was the first stage of a three-stage attack dubbed Zombie Zero that compromised business software and sent data back to facilities linked to the Chinese military.


We are evolving, rather than doing something different: Oracle

There are not many people who understand Oracle, and its presence in NZ, as well as Robert Gosling does. With over 22 years at Oracle under his belt, the current MD of Oracle NZ took over the role for the second time over roughly ten months back. In this interview he discusses Oracle's move into new solution areas, such as mobile, and what this means for customers and partners.


Every episode of 'South Park' ever joins new original programming on Hulu

If you're a Hulu user and a fan of the animated Comedy Central series South Park, here's some good news for you: On Saturday, Hulu announced that it had reached a deal to become the exclusive streaming provider for the 18th season of South Park, which kicks off on September 24th.


There's still a security disconnect on BYOD

Companies are implementing BYOD security policies, but surveys find that many workers aren't following them.


The demand for intelligent security in Malaysia: Allied Telesis

The networking security solutions firm unveils new Next Generation firewall solutions across Malaysia.


Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon 4.4: Get the best price when shopping on Amazon

The handy Mac Utility will allow you to create a list in which you can add items from Amazon whose prices you want to track.


The biggest data breaches of 2014 (so far)

Hackers, mistakes, bad security and stupidity are putting your data at risk like never before.


Cloud storage vs. external hard drives: Which really offers the best bang for your buck?

By now, you know the basic arguments in the on-site versus off-site storage debate. External hard drives are fast (everything backed up in minutes!) and safe from hackers (you control the data), but are susceptible to theft, fire, and hard drive failure. Meanwhile, cloud solutions provide ongoing, reliable service, but are slower than on-site solutions, and (theoretically) more vulnerable to hackers.



When mobile becomes the new face of social

Messaging apps have the potential either to become digital platforms or to significantly enhance the power of current platforms.

Facebook's mood manipulation study: What does it mean to brands?

How will this research, and user response to it, affect how brands are able to engage with their customers on Facebook?