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9 tips for selecting and implementing an ERP system

Experts in ERP and change management share their tips on how to choose and deploy an ERP system to maximise your monetary and time investment. Plus steps you can take to improve the chances of workers will actually use the software.

Flipkart's CTO explains the Xiaomi launch outage

Amod Malviya, CTO, Flipkart, says the outage was not due to an infrastructure failure. He says changes in the nature of traffic affect Flipkart's complex algorithms, and throw up hidden choke points that don't show up in routine stress tests.



Full-time health IT workers aren't as happy as consultants

Despite the benefits and job security, full-time healthcare IT employees are less likely than short-term consultants to say they are 'very satisfied' with their jobs and their pay. This means organisations must toe the line between keeping current employees happy and plucking talent from elsewhere.


Police warnings to appear on websites suspected of copyright abuse

UK visitors to websites suspected of pirating content will from this week be served banners warning them of the site's suspect status, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has announced.


Business leaders who think strategically about IT infrastructure drive results

According to a new study by IBM, organisations with a strategic vision for IT infrastructure focused on driving competitive advantage and optimising revenue and profit tend to significantly outperform their peers.




Premiere Pro CC 2014: New features allow video editors to do more

If you've been caught in an embarrassing situation by the local 6 o'clock news crew, then you'll appreciate that professional video editors often must protect the innocent by obscuring people's faces in broadcasts, and in some cases, they may need to avoid trademark infringement by blurring company or product logos. A new feature in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 can make that a much less tedious task.


Intergen moves toward continuous engagement model

Newly-appointed NZ CEO of Intergen, Simon Bright, talks about the company's move away from traditional services to Cloud-based services, its investment in Australia and the ways in which the firm has changed its sales strategy to address disparate decision-making processes and deliver on business-based outcomes in organisations.


Channel's software-defined everything competency will be specialised: Schneider Electric

Power management company sees value in the channel providing associated services with Software-Defined solutions.


NASA breakthrough improves 3D printing in space

NASA's new technique allows 3D printers to create one object composed of multiple types of materials.


More than a third of Australian enterprises resist 'digital enterprise' tag

Survey reveals vertical sector falling most behind in digitisation race.


Police warnings to appear on websites suspected of copyright abuse

UK visitors to websites suspected of pirating content will from this week be served banners warning them of the site's suspect status, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has announced.


Android users warned of critical vulnerability

Called Fake ID, the vulnerability is in the way Android handles certificate validation, which could let a hacker gain full control of a device.


Internet of things devices contain high number of vulnerabilities, study finds

Security researchers from Hewlett-Packard found 250 security issues when analysing 10 popular IoT devices.


Red Hat aims at standardization with Linux for 64-bit ARM servers

Red Hat has developed a version of the Linux operating system that can be used to test chips and associated hardware based on the ARMv8-A 64-bit architecture for servers with the aim of standardizing that market.


Defunct Koler ransom Trojan attacked 200,000 Android users in matter of weeks

The crude Koler.a ‘police ransom' Trojan that started attacking Android smartphone users in April has finally been knocked out of action by researchers but only after revealing the disturbing if brief scale of its global success.


Architectural firm puts giant data files in the cloud

A global architectural firm sees big advantages in putting building design data in a cloud-based storage service. The results: lower costs and easier collaboration.



Financial consequences for obese employees in Singapore: Another new business model enabled by mobile

Julie Ask, Forrester's Vice President, Principal Analyst and co-author of the "Mobile Mind Shift" book, blogs about a new business model enabled by mobile she observed at a meeting with a Singapore company this week, which relates financial consequences for its obese employees who are tracked by company-sponsored Jawbone wearable device.

Apple shores up its enterprise position in Asia with IBM partnership

The reality is that there are a lot of iPads in businesses across Asia Pacific, and companies are looking to formally support them — but Microsoft has been the standout provider here, stealing business away from Apple.