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Letting IT Go in the Smart City of Hong Kong

This year, the HKCS's flagship event HKICC is set to focus on the development and application of technologies tipped to transform the cities of the world and enhance the quality of life of its denizens for decades to come.

Humans versus machines: Who will be employed in future?

Are we heading towards a world where humans will have to compete with machines? Futurist Ross Dawson addressed this concern at the Australian Computer Society's YITCon event in Melbourne this week, and spoke about how to stay ahead of the game when it comes to jobs in the future.



Despite recent gains, the best year for tech employment remains 2001

Tech industry job gains lag overall national increase.


FBI chief urges tech firms to rethink encryption

FBI Director James Comey on Thursday called on Apple and Google to abandon plans to set encryption as the default setting for mobile devices and operating systems, warning that such a move would prevent law enforcement officials from accessing electronic communications that are critical to investigations and prosecutions.


This CEO role is equivalent to getting an MBA on the job: NZTech chair

"You can't work for any business and get this level of opportunity, whether it is in public service or the private sector," says Bennett Medary, on the NZTech CEO role that will be vacated end of this month




Universal apps is the future of Windows development

We've called them Metro apps, then when a lawsuit meant that Microsoft couldn't use the name, we called them Modern or Windows Store apps. But now they've finally got a new official name, and it looks like it's one that's going to stick. Let's give a big welcome, then, to the Universal app. They're going to be big. That's because, as Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore made very clear at the Windows 190 unveiling, with the expansion of WinRT APIs and support for windowed WinRT apps on the desktop, Universal apps are the future of Windows development.


HP enhances data backup in the cloud with new Helion DRaaS offering

HP has enhanced its disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) offering in the cloud. Known as HP Helion Continuity Service, it forms part of HP's new HP Helion cloud package of services.


Eye on Malaysia's growing datacentre sector, Cisco appoints Avnet

Avnet Malaysia is the first entity in the Asia Pacific and Japan group to be appointed by Cisco, said the new partners.


All-in-one printers can be used to control infected air-gapped systems from far away

Isolating computers from the Internet, called "air gapping," is considered one of the best ways to defend critical systems and their sensitive data from cyberattacks, but researchers have found that can be undermined using an all-in-one printer.


MasterCard teams up with startup to launch first payment card with fingerprint sensor

Mastercard today said it is teaming up with a startup called Zwipe to launch a new contactless payment card with an integrated fingerprint sensor.


Twitter veers into Facebook territory with curated timelines for everyone

Facebook's News Feed is filled with posts from people you're not friends with. You might see a photo of a stranger that your mom commented on, or a random political argument between your high school best friend and some random. The battle for a chronological News Feed has been lost, but at least Twitter was safe. That's no longer the case.


Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 arrives in Malaysia

Samsung Malaysia's Lee Dong Yong kicked off three-day roadshows in Malaysia to show its new Galaxy flagship device.


Google's ambitious broadband plans include testing wireless technology, filing shows

Documents filed by Google to the Federal Communications Commission show that the Internet giant hopes to test wireless broadband technology. Reportedly the company has been interested in this for two years or more.


How to make and receive iPhone calls with your Mac

If you're the kind of person who leaves your iPhone in a pocket or purse placed inconveniently across the room, you'll appreciate the ability to answer an incoming call with your Mac. You can also initiate calls from your Mac--to the other person, the call will look like it's coming from your iPhone, but you'll be chattering away with your Mac's built-in microphone and speakers. For this to work you have to configure both your Mac and iPhone.


POODLE's bark is bigger than its bite

Google researchers revealed a major flaw in the SSL encryption protocol--SSLv3 to be precise--which has been affectionately named "POODLE." The vulnerability is more serious than the silly name might suggest, and the news has garnered a lot of attention because of the potentially broad implications. But security experts assure us the sky is not falling.


Dropbox desktop bug sends some users' files to the trash

One more dispatch from the "don't go all-in on cloud storage" department.



Fresh blood

CIOs should look to start-ups for new ideas

Apple follows

With the latest Apple launch, the consumer electronics market leader is now fast following, not leading.