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World's first portable security solution comes to Malaysia first

AvantiKumar | Aug. 6, 2012
Kaspersky Lab and Tech Titan will roll out portable USB-based anti-virus solution through Asia Pacific and the world in coming months.

Kaspersky Lab and Tech Titan signing

PHOTO - (Flanked by models, from second left to right): Michael Lee, general manager, property management & operation, Plaza Low Yat;  Gun Suk Ling, corporate sales director, APAC, Kaspersky Lab; Jimmy Fong, channel sales director, SEA, Kaspersky Lab;  Len Ngan, managing director, Tech Titan;  Eric Chow, channel sales director, Tech Titan; and Chan Chee Yen, head of technical, Tech Titan, at the official signing ceremony of the partnership between Kaspersky Lab and Tech Titan.

The world's first portable security solution - Tech Titan T-Drive Pro - has received its first launch in Malaysia, according to Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab and Hong Kong network security provider Tech Titan.

Speaking on 2 August 2012 during the signing of a partnership deal between the two firms, Kaspersky Lab's channel sales director, SEA, Jimmy Fong said the USB-based Tech Titan T-Drive Pro, which is powered by Kaspersky Lab, is being launched in Malaysia first before being rolled out across the Asia Pacific region in the coming months and global availability in early 2013.

"Unsecured USB flash drives pose considerable risks to organisations and to individuals as the drives are among the most common 'carriers' of malware," said Fong.

"Most organisations and individuals rely heavily on USB or flash drives to move files quickly between different devices and locations as well as for the sheer portability of the medium. While it would be more secure not to use conventional flash drives, users are not changing their behaviour, which makes it imperative for manufacturers to develop a more secure flash drive with a security solution, which Tech Titan in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab has done," he said.

"USB drives have been used as a malware attack mechanism in the past and will continue to be used knowingly or unknowingly to spread malware," said Fong. "Some experts have concluded that based on the spread of the Stuxnet malware that it initially infected a few computers and was spread via flash drive thereafter."

He added that the Tech Titan T-Drive Pro included a powerful disinfection engine with real-time virus detection, which included Antibody (a USB virus vaccine) and a virtual private disk within the password protected drive, as well as file synchronisation and on demand scanning. 

 Nipping the problem in the bud

"Tech Titan T-Drive Pro combines the convenience of a flash drive with the ultimate, real-time protection for a highly secure detection, storage and transfer of files that takes up less time and is more convenient," said Fong. "What we are doing is nipping the problem in the bud before it can turn into a full-scale infection by providing an early intervention."

"According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the worldwide shipments of USB flash drives are forecasted to hit 568 million units by 2015 and many of them are only equipped with encryption for data protection, not malware," said Tech Titan channel sales director, Eric Chow.  We are introducing the first in the world USB flash drive powered by Kaspersky Lab that provides ultimate protection in the drive and the transfer of these files to other devices as well."

Chow said Tech Titan T-Drive Pro was available in a 6-in-1 package, comprising an 8GB USB, USB-KAV 1 Year licence, Kaspersky Internet Security 3PCs 1 Year licence, free six month licence of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac, Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security that can be installed in the appropriate devices.

"With more organisations offering options to work from home and a growing mobile workforce as well as the storage of music and movies for entertainment on portable flash drives, a more secure device is required that will stop malware in its tracks before it can corrupt, compromise or steal important data," he said.

Founded in 2012 by a group of IT professionals in Hong Kong, Tech Titan has a staff strength of 130 with regional offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and China.



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