1. Best Change Management

This category seeks IT teams that have developed a comprehensive change management strategy that covers both staff and business processes. The best-run companies have agile management that can rapidly institute changes to cope with market conditions. This includes retraining employees if certain skills are lacking, convincing staff to relocate if operating costs in a particular country become too high and managing employee transition when changes to reporting lines and job responsibilities are needed.

2. Best IT Governance
This category looks for IT teams that value the contribution of technology to corporate governance, creating frameworks that track the value of IT and assign decision-making rights to employees. The judges will also look at how these teams use portfolio management to evaluate, prioritise and select projects based on their risks and contribution to the business.

3. Best Security Strategy
The best security strategies do not end when technology is implemented. They comprise user education and strict enforcement policies to minimise the damage caused by threats such as spam, viruses and unauthorised intrusions. This category looks for IT teams with sound security enforcement policies as well as an ability to innovate in managing security risks and reducing the workload associated with patching servers and desktops.

4. Best Business Enabler
Efficient business exchange and supply chain systems not only enable companies to cut inventory levels significantly, but also give them a more accurate picture of customer demand. This category recognises IT teams that have boosted the ability of an organisation to disseminate information internally and exchange it with their partners, creating new revenue streams and improving customer service.

5. Best Knowledge Management

Successful companies have a systematic method for capturing and retaining the best business processes and practices within the organisation, even when key employees leave. This category recognises IT teams that have successfully created a culture conducive to the sharing of knowledge and a system for fostering and securing their employees' best ideas.

6. Best Bottom-line IT
Escalating operating costs due to massive duplication and thinning margins are common problems when companies expand and the competition closes in. This category looks for IT teams that have used consolidation or shared services to help their organisation cut operating costs and that have raised profit margins through dynamic pricing techniques, creative merchandise displays, mining customer data or streamlining supply chains.