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Every year, IT Excellence Awards ceremony is held in conjunction with the annual IT Summit in Singapore. During a special segment of the event, the year¡¯s award winners will be announced and presented with their trophies. Thereafter, CIOs of the winning organisations will be invited for a QnA session/panel interview to share their success stories.

Coverage of the events, plus the identities of the IT Excellence Awards winning organisations, will be included in the annual Sept/Oct 2011 annual edition of MIS Asia magazine, the MIS 100.

MIS IT Summit Event Highlights

Transforming Enterprise for the Now Generation:
Keys to Virtualising, Socialising and Consumerising Enterprise IT in Asia.

Consumers, who are also your employees, now hold the whip hand. They are demanding that enterprise technology delivers as efficiently and seamlessly as the millions of apps and hundreds of mobile devices flooding consumer-world. They want to use their mobile devices and slate computers for work as easily as they do for leisure.

If your business fails to deliver, your consumer ¨C customers, perhaps even your employees, will go somewhere else. Enterprise profit will fall and the competition will win.

But how can corporations, governments and organisations change to meet these unstoppable expectations? What the key IT infrastructure changes, strategies and shifts in mindset needed to satisfy the ¡®now¡¯ generation?

The MIS Asia magazine MIS IT Summit 2011 will examine all the latest trends that are challenging traditional corporate thinking and provide enterprises with priceless advice, information and networking. These trends stem from the MIS IT Nation 2010 survey of some 250 senior IT executives across Asia.

    Issues to be covered include:
  • Asia¡¯s love affair with virtualization, but nervousness about the cloud;
  • Why new business intelligence is critical for understanding generation Y;
  • How to ensure ultimate data centre efficiency in the face of snowballing complexity;
  • How enterprises can cash in on the 'Apps' phenomenum;
  • Enterprise social networking strategies;
  • Developing smarter networks, applications and communications;
  • The dangers of complacency about digital security

Here is your opportunity to join leading Asia Pacific experts who will analyse and discuss these highly contemporary issues ¨C and more !

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