Every nomination will be considered with utmost impartiality. As in previous years, the Award judges will comprise outstanding senior CIOs, industry experts or analysts. The judging process will be as follows:

1. Validation
MIS Asia editors will validate all entries. If a nomination does not match the criteria of the selected category, it will be transferred to one which best fits the project. Entries will be checked for completeness and may be returned for more information. If the MIS Asia editors decide the nomination does not meet any of the criteria, they reserve the right to remove the  nomination from consideration.

2. Evaluation
Following validation, all nominations will be sent to our panel of independent experts from throughout the region, for evaluation and scoring.

3. Key judging criteria
Projects will be scored against three criteria:

Execution: How is the enterprise project conceptualized and implemented?

Business alignment
: How well is the use of IT aligned with the enterprise’s overall business strategy? Includes how the project helps overcome specific business challenges.

Measurable results:
Includes specific cost savings, increased sales, time to market improved margins, new revenue streams, improved shareholder value, increased productivity, reduced customer churn rate, reduced staff turnover and reduced downtime.