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MSIG’s new mobile app speeds up motor claims in Thailand

Nayela Deeba | May 15, 2017
With SpeeDi, customers will receive assistance within 1 minute of reporting and have a motor surveyor on-site within 30 minutes.

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Insurance company MSIG recently launched SpeeDi, a mobile app for motor claims in Thailand, at KBank Siam Pic - Ganesha Theatre.

Instead of having customers involved in motor accidents to report the incident via a hotline, the app allows them to do so with just a push of a button. A staff member from MSIG will then call the customer within 60 seconds to provide assistance. Customers who are already registered with MSIG do not need to repeat details of their car models or personal particulars.

Thereafter, the MSIG staff member will locate the customer's exact location with the help of GPS coordinates, before dispatching an MSIG Motor surveyor to the incident site. The app also allows customers to track the surveyor's location. According to MSIG, in-house surveyors should arrive at the incident site within 30 minutes of the report to provide assistance. 

SpeeDi also provides a list of contracted garages, hospitals and dealers for the customer's convenience. The navigation system in the app helps customers find the fastest route to designated service providers listed.

Apart from motor claims, SpeeDi provides customers a large range of insurance services such as general insurance information, claims history, and renewal policies.


Understanding customer needs

According to  Pawana Thaisuwan, Lead, Business Intelligence and Digital Transformation Project, MSIG Thailand, SpeeDi was launched in an effort to boost the service industry, and provide customers with more digital options.

"In 2015, we saw a big trend in e-commerce [service industry] and we had a lot of business requirements. That's why we brought in an external vendor to build this app for us. They built this app on a custom-made software which was then handed over to our IT team," Thaisuwan told CIO Asia.

Khun Pawana
Pawana Thaisuwan,Lead,Business Intelligence & Digital Transformation Project, MSIG Thailand. (Credit: MSIG)

She added that the mobile app was necessary because customers are increasingly becoming tech savvy and demanding immediate assistance in crucial times. Previously, customers had to get in touch with representatives from call centres, which was time consuming.

"Before the app was launched, customers had to call up the call centre first. Through the app, we can detect their whereabouts and call them first, before assigning a surveyor to [attend to them at] the incident site," she said.

Customers can also submit insurance claims through the app, noted Thaisuwan.


Using SpeeDi to create a brand value

At the app launch, Rattapol Gitisakchaiyakul, CEO, MSIG Insurance Thailand, shared that SpeeDi is part of the company's efforts to provide customers with seamless digital experience.

"The company's ambition is to be widely recognised as the number one digital insurer in the Thai market, and as a company that is always ready to meet the needs of its customers in terms of service and product quality, while providing the very best in-sales support to its intermediary business partners," said Gitisakchaiyakul.


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