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APAC brands struggle to provide holistic multi channel experience

Nayela Deeba | Jan. 6, 2017
Most businesses in Singapore, Japan and China are setting aside less than 20 percent of the budget to create and manage the digital consumer experience.

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A study by Sitecore — an experience management software provider — has revealed that brands in Singapore, China, and Japan are struggling to drive growth for their online channels.

Even though survey respondents in these three markets (China 92 percent, Japan 50 percent, Singapore 68 percent) agreed a focused brand experience is key to attain customer loyalty, organisations are still not providing a holistic experience online that spans across web and commerce systems.

Organisations across China have allocated only 16 percent of their budget to create and manage the digital consumer experience, while Japanese businesses set aside 9 percent, and Singapore companies allocated 14 percent.

Moreover, respondents from Singapore (67 percent), Japan (43 percent) and China (36 percent) said that they are struggling to personalise consumer experience during purchase and post-purchase phases due to their current web content management solution (CMS). This could be due to the disconnect between data collected from their CMS and their commerce system.

While respondents from Singapore (38 percent) believe that "during purchase" is the most important phase for customers when they shop online, they also understand that pre-purchase and post-purchase phases play an important role to determine the overall online shopping experience.

This is in contrast to respondents in Japan, who only chose pre-purchase as the most important phase to be successful at, and China who identified "during purchase" as the part of the purchase process they feel it is the most important to be successful at.

The study also found that website security is a common challenge for all three markets (China 66 percent, Japan 45 percent, and Singapore 41 percent).  

Another challenge was the cost of upgrading their online platforms to generate better sales (Japan 50 percent and Singapore 41 percent). However, this isn't an issue for respondents in China as they have more financial resources than their counterparts in Japan in Singapore to do so.

"Consumers in Asia are now expecting a seamless online purchasing journey, as well as personalised and targeted content, making it more important than ever that brands deliver the right experience to retain brand loyalty and conversion. It is more crucial than ever for brands to focus on this area and bridge the gap between contact and commerce, which is primarily driven by the complexity of technology integration,"  said Julia Lee, General manager, Sitecore Southeast Asia. 


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