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EOS speeds manufacturing for APS Technology

Anuradha Shukla | Feb. 8, 2017
It reduces the part count in a drilling assembly from four separate components to just one.

Sea Oil Rig
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Oilfield drilling equipment manufacturer APS Technology is leveraging direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) technology from EOS to free up 14 to 15 hours of its manufacturing process.

DMLS enables the long-lasting parts for oil well drills that bore holes several miles deep through the earth to be built in a short span of time. It reduces the part count in a drilling assembly from four separate components to just one.

It also allows designers to create complex geometries that could not previously be manufactured.

These qualities have enabled APS to easily manage manufacturing challenges. Benefits include reduction of post-processing and production costs and shorter lead times and times to market.

"Traditional manufacturing methods have got us this far, but the improved efficiencies of parts created with DMLS are game changers," said Paul Seaton, Vice President of Marketing at APS Technology. "It creates a domino effect, where longer product life spans lead to less disruption for equipment maintenance, greater drilling time, and lower costs. Ultimately, this makes for a happier customer and additional sales orders."

"The DMLS system had only been here a month or so when I started working at APS. They'd done a couple of test builds and other things to familiarise themselves with it, but it was certainly a new technology for all of us. EOS supported us with onsite training and application advice, and we were able to progress pretty quickly into prototyping different parts. Because of those early wins, we are now shifting into more production-oriented work," he added.


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