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Top DRaaS companies to watch

Ryan Francis | May 11, 2017
Forrester Research releases its report on the disaster-recovery-as-a-service companies that lead the market segment.

Forrester Research recently released its report naming Sungard AS, Bluelock, IBM and iland as the top disaster recovery-as-a-service companies.

With enterprises expecting their network up at all times, backup and recovery are key to keeping things running smoothly with no downtime. With ransomware waiting to pounce the minute a user clicks on a link, companies rely on network recovery in a matter of minutes not days.

Enterprise DRaaS adoption has grown steadily in recent years; currently, 40 percent of enterprises have adopted it, with another 24 percent planning to do so, according to the research firm.

Forrester, which based its research on vendor surveys, product demos and customer reference calls, defines DRaaS as: “a pay-per-use managed service that uses cloud-based infrastructure and continuous replication technologies and orchestrates the transition of applications to recovery infrastructure in case of an outage to deliver a resilient business service.”

While Sungard AS’s Recovery and Business Continuity Services, Bluelock DRaaS, IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service and iland Secure DRaaS lead the group with high marks, they are followed by HPE Helion and Veritas Continuity Service, Recovery Point’s INcloud DRaaS, Daisy DRaaS, Plan B — Managed & Tested and TierPoint’s Disaster Recovery as a Service in the next tier. NTT Cloud Recovery lags behind.

Forrester evaluated each vendor on 26 criteria, with the key differentiators setting the leaders apart was application orchestration, security, and recovery readiness. Some other criteria measured included evaluating providers’ recovery options, tiers of recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO), and technology support.

It was noted that each vendor has Its own cloud-based infrastructure, support for at least two replication technologies, a self-service portal for its clients; consulting services to help clients establish resilience plan, and at least two data center locations from which it renders services.


Vendor breakdown

Here is a breakdown of each vendor according to Forrester’s report.

Sungard Availability Services. DR services from Sungard AS support replication and recovery for physical and virtual infrastructure and storage area network (SAN)-based replication. Sungard AS manages the recovery exercise; its technical support staff is responsible for ensuring successful test execution and ongoing performance improvements. It enables orderly, large-scale infrastructure recovery using application discovery and dependency mapping, automated change management, and advanced orchestration tools that can automate recovery tasks at a business application level.

The Sungard Availability Services Managed Recovery Program provides fully managed recovery to the application level to complement the infrastructure OS and virtualization-level cloudbased recovery capabilities.

Sungard AS could be even better with improved dashboards and self-service. It currently lacks a readiness for recovery view. Its self-service GUI for testing, provisioning, DR invocatio, and DR runbooks is not very intuitive.


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